Bradstone, Peak Paving Buff

Bradstone Peak Paving Buff

Bradstone Peak Paving Buff

The Bradstone Peak Paving Buff slab packs are the easiest way to quickly create a cheap yet impressive patio.

This “smooth” buff paving slab is 450mm by 450mm (about 2ft by 2ft) and a thickness of 32mm. There are 4.9 slabs to a square metre. This paving slab is only supplied in full packs of 44 slabs, which will cover an area of 8.9 square metres, assuming that the slabs are butt jointed. This budget paving pack is available here. Note: Delivery will be free because you’re buying a full pack!

Alternative Peak Paving Buff sizes and finishes…

The same smooth buff slab is available in a smaller size of 400mm x 400mm with 6.3 slabs to a square metre. A full pack of 52 slabs at this size covers an area of 8.3 square metres.

There’s also the same smooth buff slab at a size of 600mm x 600mm which comes in a pack of 20 slabs, covering 7.2 square metres in total at 2.8 slabs per square metre.

Peak Paving Buff Riven Finish

The other finish type for the buff peak paving from Bradstone is a riven finish. The sizes for this finish are packs of 20 slabs at 600mm x 600mm to cover 7.4 square metres and packs of 40 of 450mm x 450mm slabs to cover 8.5 square metres.

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